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Puppy Socialisation – A FREE service for puppies under one year. We will help you raise the perfect dog. Daily feedback progress with Picture & Video updates.

Puppy Socialisation in the Algarve

Puppy Socialisation is essential for dogs to grow into better, confident and balanced adult dogs. We at Pet Sitting Algarve always stress that one can never underestimate the importance of socialising your puppy from a young age. Through socialisation, puppies learn how to behave, and will know what is allowed and what is not. It therefore follows that Puppy Socialisation is extremely important for puppies. In addition, puppies must be socialised with dogs that can act as role models. If you allow your dog to socialise with other dogs who have certain traits, although not always, in most cases puppies will learn such traits.

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Free Puppy Socialisation for Puppies under 1 Year!

We cannot stress how important it is to socialise your puppy. We believe in the importance of socialisation so much that we offer FREE Puppy Socialisation programs for puppies under 1 year. Puppy Socialisation is not something that you do a few times with your dog and that is it. It is part and parcel of having a dog. Socialisation is as important as the food, water and exercise you give to your dog every day. However it is unarguably true that dogs benefit most from socialisation when they are still puppies and are developing their cognitive ability. With this in mind we decided to create a service that would allow dog owners to socialise their dogs with other role model dogs. And to make it easy for dog owners, we have organised this service free of charge.

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Where is the catch?

There is no catch at all!! Unfortunately society teaches us that nothing in life comes for free and we tend to be weary of things that we receive for free! Society is driven by money and although we do have to admit that money is important to live a comfortable life, there are things that go beyond it. Some things simply cannot be given a price tag. In our opinion Puppy Socialisation is something that you cannot put a price tag on. An analogy to this would be that you would also not put a price tag on the importance of socialising young children. Parents go to great lengths for their children to be socialised properly. Well from a dog’s point of view it is just as important!

The Benefits of Puppy Socialisation

Puppies grow into better adults

Through our Puppy Socialisation service we create the opportunity for puppies to be around other role model dogs. This helps puppies grow into better adults that can function in society. Consequently these dogs will have better lives and their owners will enjoy having a dog even more.

They learn from role model dogs

Puppies will be with our pre-screened dogs on our Dog Walking or Dog Daycare services. This allows puppies to learn from good role model dogs. In addition we supervise the dogs during the entire time. We correct and redirect behaviour through positive reinforcement training methods.

They vent any extra energy!

Puppies will vent their extra energy through playing with other dogs. This will help them achieve a happy and balanced state of mind and body. The end result is that puppies will have less of a tendency to exhibit destructive behaviour and will be calmer and happier in general.

Progress feedback

As part of our Puppy Socialisation service, we incorporate updates through our secure photo & video online portal. In this way we would be able to talk factually with the owner so that we all follow the same protocols to offer consistency to the dog and discuss progress.

Excellent Reviews!

Our services are the most reliable, efficient and organised that you can find in the Algarve. We back this claim with excellent Facebook reviews from very happy pet owners!

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