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Pet House Sitting in Lagos, Portimão, Silves & Albufeira

Leave your pets at home and we will come to live in with them. Daily picture and video updates through a unique and encrypted link to protect your privacy.

Why opt for a Pet House Sitting Service?

The most obvious reason for opting for an in house pet sitter as opposed to a traditional pet boarding establishment is the fact that your pets will stay comfortable in their own home and will have the same routine.

Additionally, pet house sitting offers an added value that your premises will be monitored by someone who will tend to the daily chores and upkeep of the place.

Pet House Sitting – Who is it for?

Although we receive requests for pet house sitting from people in various situations, we notice that the most common reasons that pet owners opt for pet house sitting are the following:

  • Senior dogs: As dogs get older they would want their peace and quiet more and more. Additionally, some older dogs may find it more difficult to handle the stress of being taken out of their usual environment. Pet House Sitting is an ideal solution for such cases.
  • Multiple pets – financial advantage: The costs of taking more than one pet to a boarding establishment will add up! In response to this, we carefully crafted a daily flat rate to our pet house sitting service which offers a financial advantage to those who have more than one pet.
  • Indoor Cats: It is a well known fact that cats do not cope well with changes in their living arrangement. Many cat owners approach us for pet house sitting in order not to move their cats out of their comfort zone. We do offer pet house sitting for such situations but we have also crafted a separate and specific Cat Sitting – Home Visiting Service for cats while the owners are on holiday. Through our home visiting service cats are disturbed even less!
  • Outdoor cats: Some people have cats that just live outside around the house. A pet house sitting or Home visiting service is ideal for such situations.
  • Property: Some pet owners opt for the pet house sitting service for the added value of having someone monitoring the property to avoid any unwanted surprises when back!

Pet House Sitting Service Explained

One of us (Maria or Matthew) will come to live at your place with your pets, and even sleep there!

Pets on our pet House Sitting program are tended to as required, receive human interaction and are fed and exercised as per their normal routine.

In the case of dogs, we can also take them with us on our regular dog walks at no extra cost. These walks will help to deliver that extra exercise for happier dogs.

Property Monitoring

We collect any mail or parcels, water any plants and also check that everything is OK in general.

We try to offer a more comprehensive service and take care of the property as well. For added convenience we can also restock your pet food supplies while providing the pet house sitting service. Since one of us would be living in the property we would have ample time to tend to other secondary things as well.

Daily Feedback

Daily Picture & Video updates via a unique and encrypted Dropbox link to protect your privacy. 

Pet owners can access their private folder from any smart device or laptop with an internet connection. We do this to reassure the owners that their pets are doing fine and everything is OK!

A daily log file in reverse chronological order for better feedback and easier reading.

For a more comprehensive service and better feedback, we also set up a daily log file in reverse chronological order. This log file will be accessible through the same Dropbox secure link.

Pet House Sitting – Introductory Meeting

An introductory meeting is essential to learn more about the service, get to know each other and the pet/s.

As with all of our services, the first step is to organise an introductory meeting. By organising this meeting you will not be committing yourself to use our service. During the meeting we will:

  • Get to know each other
  • Allow the pet/s to get comfortable around us
  • Go over your particular situation and see how we can help
  • Walk you through our convenient online booking system
  • Show you how our updates system works

If you wish to organise this meeting just get in touch.

Pet House Sitting Advantages

Pets stay in comfort

Avoid the stress of taking your pet to a new place The pet sitter comes to you and not the other way round!

Same daily routine

We stick to your usual routine so that your pets find it easier to cope with your absence.

Property monitoring

Enjoy your holiday knowing that you will not find any unwanted surprises when back!

Picture & video updates

A secure Dropbox link to access pictures, videos & a daily log file for more reassurance.

Excellent Reviews!

Our services are the most reliable, efficient and organised that you can find in the Algarve. We back this claim with excellent Facebook reviews from very happy pet owners!

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