The Perfect Dog Walk – More than just a pee and a poo!

In this article we will discuss how to organise the perfect dog walk for your dog. There is no doubt that dogs need a good daily walk to be happy and healthy. However, we are not talking about that 5 minute quick walk round the block to let your dog relieve himself. Here, we are talking about the perfect dog walk for a happy & healthy dog.

The perfect dog walk is a structured dog walk that will give your dog enough physical and mental stimulation depending on his age and breed. A well structured dog walk is also a perfect time for the dog owner to train his dog and create that special bond between dog and owner.

The perfect dog walk. Tips on how to design the best dog walk.
The perfect dog walk. Tips on how to design the best dog walk.

How to design the Perfect Dog Walk

As full time dog walkers we can see the great benefits that a structured dog walk has on all aspects of a dog’s life. We always emphasise the need of mental stimulation in conjunction with sufficient physical activity. In this way, you will be on the right track to a perfectly behaved, satisfied and healthy dog. Here is what you need to keep in mind when creating the perfect dog walk for your dog.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise has two main benefits for your dog; good health & good behaviour. Sufficient physical exercise will promote flexible joints, reduce possible weight gain and keep your dog’s muscles in good condition. In addition, sufficient daily physical exercise will also make sure to drain your dog’s daily energy. A tired dog, is also a happy and well behaved dog! This makes your dog much easier to train and also more well behaved at home. We all know that a dog with a lot of pent up energy can develop destructive behaviour or other behavioural issues!

As people who work daily with dogs, we emphasise the need for the perfect dog walk that is designed for your dog’s breed, age and health. If you need help with an over energetic dog, get in touch so you can see how we can help you through our Dog Walking Service.

Mental Stimulation

Do not underestimate the additional power of mental stimulation in a dog walk. Both you and your dog will benefit! The perfect dog walk should be a time for your dog to exercise and release their energy, but it should also be a time where the dog receives attention and mental stimulation.

Basic Obedience and Games

Mental stimulation can be achieved by including some basic obedience training during the walk. By incorporating some basic obedience you will also be using the dog walk to show leadership to your dog while creating a better bond. Do not overdo it however. Always gauge your dog’s attention so that you can stop the training before your dog gets bored or starts acting out. Always remember to keep things light and fun so that your dog associates the dog walk with a positive experience. During a dog walk you can assign some time to polish your dog’s walking on the leash or recall. Play fetch or other small challenges such as asking your dog to sit when you need to cross the road. For the perfect dog walk, make sure to keep things fun and always remember to reinforce positive behaviour with treats or praise.


Another form of mental stimulation can be achieved through socialisation. A dog learns to be more social through positive human interaction and socialisation opportunities with other dogs. You can take your dog for a run at the beach in winter or in the forest in summer. There will surely be other people with their dogs around! If you rarely meet other people with dogs during your dog walk you can join local dog trekking groups in the Algarve. Another safe option is to take your dog to a fully fenced dog park or dog daycare facility for some dog socialisation time!

Keep things interesting

The perfect dog walk needs variety! When taking your dog out for a walk make sure to vary the location and ground type regularly. Take your dog to the beach to experience sand, rocks and sea. Take your dog to the forest to experience soil, grass, sticks, trees and hills. And lastly, also make sure to take your dog for short walks to the village centre or promenade to get used to cobble stones, gravel and tarmac. The more variation you create, the more likely your dog will be calm and at ease in all situations!

Dedicate enough time and attention

The perfect dog walk needs you to be present and focused. For your dog to have the most benefit from a dog walk, make sure to dedicate enough time and attention. Disengage from life’s demands and focus on enjoying time with your dog! Our dogs can sense our state of mind, so they will also be stressed if we are stressed or in a rush to get back home. Try your best to create time in your busy schedule and switch off your phone completely if possible. Of course, if you are struggling to find enough time, we are here to help with our Dog Walking Service.

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