Our Team

Our Team at Pet Sitting Algarve – Maria, Matthew, Lucky & Lulu

Our Team & How did Pet Sitting Start?

It all started in Malta on a cold February night in 2010. I, Matthew was driving at night when this puppy darted in front of me to the point that I was sure that I had ran her over! I got out of the car and looked under it expecting to find an injured puppy. However, to my surprise and relief, this puppy came to my side and just jumped in my lap. I decided to take her in and that bitch was to be named Lucky considering the sequence of events! Little did I know that this would eventually lead me into the life of a pet sitter!

More About Matthew & Lucky

From a young age I was always into dogs, nature and ethology. I grew up with dogs at home ever since I was a little boy.  As I grew up, in my spare time I used to read about dog behaviour and training. Later on in life I pursued a Bachelors degree in biology at the University of Malta. In addition to my biology degree I also follow up regularly with the latest animal behaviour studies and innovative ways to communicate with animals, particularly dogs.

With my background and knowledge I used to apply positive reinforcement training methods to show Lucky how to behave in the house and in everyday life situations. I wanted her to be able to function in society so she could have a better life. As with every other dog, socialisation was important for Lucky. Thus, I joined a group of people and we used to go trekking with our dogs every week.

Matthew and Lucky Pet Sitting Algarve
Matthew & Lucky

A little fast forward…

Occasionally some of our dog trekking friends would need to leave their dog somewhere while they went on holiday. In most cases I used to be happy to have another dog or two with me especially for Lucky to have some company even at home. Within a few years I found myself working as a full time pet sitter, and created the Maltese company Pet Sitting Malta. (In fact you will notice that this website is an improved version of our Maltese site.)

Meeting Maria & Lulu…

Maria also used to join the dog trekking group with Lulu. Lulu did stay with me a couple of times until a few years later when Maria & Lulu joined our life and subsequently became part of our team. Needless to say that this addition to our team brought a major change in our lives, not only in terms of Pet Sitting but in many other ways as well!

Maria was also into animals from a very young age. Lulu is proof of her understanding of dogs and her way about them. Maria is a mechanical engineer and although she never studied animal behaviour, I could immediately see that she was a natural around dogs, and to my surprise even cats!

Through Maria’s input our team grew and we could also expand our services to assist not only dogs, but also cats and caged pets!

Maria and Lulu Pet Sitting Algarve
Maria & Lulu

Creating Pet Sitting Algarve!

After travelling for 2 years in our camper van across Europe we found ourselves in Portugal. We immediately fell in love with the Algarve for a variety of reasons. We eventually moved from Malta to Portugal in 2018. Although not easy, we decided to try and build a new life here. However we had one problem, we really missed our pet sitting activity back home. We believe that being a pet sitter is not a job but more of a lifestyle, so we had to do something about it!

That is when the idea of creating Pet Sitting Algarve came about. We decided to stay in the Algarve and to try and recreate here what we had back home.

Our Team – Goals & Plans for the future!

Our goal is to recreate over here, what we had back in Malta. We are confident that through our hard work with your pets along with your support, we can achieve this goal.

We wish that by time, with your help and through our commitment, our pet sitting services will become a reference and reliable solution for pet owners in the Algarve.

A Big Thank You

We cannot possibly finish this text without thanking those who support us and share our ideas with others. A big thank you also goes to those pet owners who trust us blindly with their pets. We are pet owners ourselves and understand how hard it is to trust a total stranger to take care of your pet!

Thank you for your support and for making it to the end of our rather longish story!

The Team – Matthew, Maria, Lucky & Lulu