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Dogs at Weddings

A unique dog handling service for weddings. Now you can share you special day with your best friend!

So, you are getting married, Congratulations exciting times are coming!

Have you ever thought of including your dog on your wedding day? Of course, it must have crossed your mind at some point!

Well, you are in the right place! Our Dogs at Weddings service allows couples to include their dog on this special day making it even more memorable! There is nothing cuter than your dog walking up the aisle in his custom made collar.

We can help you add that special touch to your wedding by handling your dog during the event!

Ideas How to Include Dogs at Weddings

Our dogs share all their lives with us. We take them everywhere and share our best moment with them. It is understandable that we would want our canine companions to be part of our wedding day. There are many ways how we can include dogs at weddings!

Dogs at weddings in the Algarve

Below are only a handful of ideas how you can include your dog at your wedding. There is no limit to how dogs can be included at weddings. It only boils down to your imagination and creativity!

We will work hard to make your ideas and dreams a reality!

Dog Themed Wedding

A dog themed wedding is sure to be unique. Allow your dog to be your inspiration for photos, video, invitations, cake & more!

Ring Bearer

What better way to include your dog other than assigning him as the ring bearer?

A dog walking up the aisle with the rings is a sure hit with the guests. It is not something that you see very often. Just attach the rings to his collar let him do the rest. You could even get a custom made, themed collar for that purpose!

Best Dog

Lets put the best man aside for the time being and focus on the “Best Dog”. Dress him up and let him greet the crowd! Did you ever go to a wedding and remember who the best man was? Rest assured that everyone will remember the best dog!!

Flower girl

Why not have your dog as your flower girl? Dress her up and pamper her for the day, let her turn heads! A custom made leash and collar set complementing the outfit would be a great touch.

The Family Portrait

Dogs are part of the family right? Therefore it makes perfect sense to include them in the family portrait. Time will pass and you will look back and smile at the photo!

And many more ideas how to include dogs at weddings can be found here.

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Dog Handling Service for Weddings in Portugal

If you are getting married in Portugal and you want to include your dog, then you are in luck!

Our Dogs at Weddings service is tailored exactly for that scope. We understand and respect that every wedding is unique. With that in mind we have organised our Dogs at Weddings service in a way to be flexible and open to your ideas.

We will do our best to make your wedding day even more special.

Since our Dogs at Weddings service is designed to be flexible, there is not a particular list of things that we offer. Therefore the best way forward would be to get in touch with us. We will schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas and think of ways to materialise your thoughts.

Last but not least, we strongly suggest that you talk to us as much in advance is possible. If your wedding date happens to be one where we are already booked, then we may not be able to help you out.

Dropping us a quick email costs nothing but can be essential to secure your date!
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