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dog walking serrvice in Budens, Lagos, Portimão and Lagoa

Dog Walking in Budens, Lagos, Portimão & Lagoa

Countryside walks and trips to the beach in small packs of social dogs. Picture and video updates through our pet updates portal. Free pick up and drop off.

Dog Walking – Pet Sitting Algarve

Every day we walk dogs in a various places in west Algarve. We organise walks depending on the weather and the physical abilities of the dogs with us on the day. We vary the walks as much as possible in order to provide the dogs with as many new experiences as possible.

Sometimes we go to the beach, other times to some forest or national park and in other occasions to some lake or hills. As a result the dogs get as much variety as the Algarve has to offer.

Dog Walking – Introductory Meeting

An introductory meeting is essential to learn more about the service, get to know each other and the pet/s.

As with all of our services, the first step is to organise an introductory meeting. By organising this meeting you will not be committing yourself to use our service. During the meeting we will:

  • Get to know each other
  • Allow the pet/s to get comfortable around us
  • Go over your particular situation and see how we can help
  • Walk you through our convenient online booking system
  • Show you how our updates system works

If you wish to organise this meeting just get in touch.

Adequate Exercise is the Key

Exercise is the key to an effective dog walk, however this has to be measured and adequate!

Adequate exercise means an amount and type of exercise that is enough to drain the dog form its energy but without over doing it and causing injury. This mostly depends on both the dog’s breed and age. Other environmental factors such as temperature also have to be taken into consideration.

dog walking at budens
Dog walking at Budens

Why do you Need a Dog Walker?

Dog owners need a dog walker to make sure that their dog gets all the required exercise to lead a happy and healthy life. This will avoid the dog from getting stressed and developing any unwanted behavioural and health issues.

dogs swimming at barragem de bravura
Dogs swimming at Barragem de Bravura

There are three main reasons why dog owners ask us to walk their dogs.

  1. For most, life is quite hectic which leaves them very little time to exercise their dog.
  2. Others lead a life of luxury where they do not need to worry about walking their dog.
  3. Some have highly energetic dogs that are hard to handle and need a helping hand.

Although there are other reasons why dog owners would need a dog walker, the above points are the ones we come across the most. Do any apply to you? Where do you fit? Did your dog show any undesired behaviour recently? If so, then you should really read on!

The Importance of Exercise & Socialisation

A tired dog is a good dog!

It is well a known fact that dogs will become frustrated, restless and bored if not properly exercised. Frustration and boredom will lead to a variety of unwanted behavioural issues such as anxiety, depression and destructive behaviour. i.e. bad behaviour!

dog walking at boca do rio
Dog walking at Boca do Rio

Through exercise dogs vent their excess energy and are able to achieve a calm state. Calmer dogs are good dogs! Dog owners who regularly send their dogs with us for walks, confirm that they notice their dogs getting progressively calmer in general.

Dog Daycare for highly energetic dogs!

For those who have highly energetic dogs that need more than a walk, we can help out with our Dog Daycare Service. We guarantee that even the most energetic of dogs will be exhausted after a day with us on daycare.

dogs at meia praia
Dogs at Meia Praia

The socialisation aspect.

Dogs that attend our regular dog walks improve their socialisation skills with other dogs. This is a collateral benefit that dogs get while in packs on walks. In fact we have also created a socialisation service for puppies that puppy owners find ideal!

walking at barao de sao joao
Walking at Barao de Sao Joao

What makes a Good Dog Walker?

A good dog walker is one who is be able to stimulate the dog both physically as well as mentally in order to satisfy both its instinctual and physical needs.

As explain in this related article The Perfect Dog Walk – More than just a pee and a poo!, Walking a dog is more than just taking the dog out for a boring walk in the same place. A dog needs to be stimulated both physically as well as mentally. The degree of mental and physical stimulation will vary from dog to dog depending on the individual, breed, age & sex.

balu at meia praia
Balu at Meia Praia

There is no one magic rule to follow to satisfy a dog.

Like us humans, dogs are all different from one another. Consequently, a dog walker who is really knowledgeable about dogs will spot subtle differences even between dogs of the same breed! Such subtle differences can prove crucial to understanding your dog better.

A Dog Walking Service That Stands Out From The Rest

Free pick up & drop off

We want to make life easy for you and offer free pickup and drop off as part and parcel of our dog walking service.

Picture & video updates

Through our Pet Updates Portal you will be able to see picture and video updates from each dog walk.

Socialised dogs only!

Put your mind at rest knowing that we only accept socialised dogs that are in no way a hazard to any other dog.

Physical & mental stimulation

The purpose of our dog walks goes beyond a pee and a poo! We help dogs achieve a balanced state.

Excellent Reviews!

Our services are the most reliable, efficient and organised that you can find in the Algarve. We back this claim with excellent Facebook reviews from very happy pet owners!

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Every dog benefits from our Dog Daycare service.

We have designed our Dog Daycare service in a way that every dog can benefit from it. This is even more so for puppies. Puppies benefit so much that we combine our Socialisation Plan and Daycare service and allow free entry for puppies under 1 year. Contact us to learn more how your dog can benefit from our Dog Daycare service.

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Matthew and Lucky

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I am the one responsible for the Dog Walking Service at Pet Siting Algarve and walk dogs on a daily basis in various locations.

I would be more than happy to organise a meeting in person to explain our Dog Walking Service in more detail and to discuss how I could possibly assist you.
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