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Dog Taxi Service

Airport transfers, General pet transport, Veterinary trips, Grooming trips, Relocation & Pet reception at airports.

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Dog Taxi Service in Portugal

Our Dog Taxi Service can help you with any pet transport you may require.

Without a doubt our taxi service is most popular among dog owners. However this service is also available for cats and caged pets. We have designed this service to be flexible in order to cater for your particular needs.

In the majority of cases we are called out to:

  • Transport dogs and cats to and from airports in Portugal.
  • Relocate pets within or outside Portugal.
  • Veterinary trips
  • Trips to the groomer

However, if you require any other pet transfer that is not listed above, talk to us and we will surely find a way to assist.

In the sections below we explain in more detail what our various Dog Taxi services comprise.

Airport Dispatch or Reception & Pet Transport

We can help with both accompanied and unaccompanied airport transfers. Our Dog Taxi is ideal for those who are flying in or out of Portugal and need one task less to think about.

If you are struggling to find a Pet Shipper then we strongly suggest to visit IPATA – The International Pet and Animal Transport Association.

Flying out of Portugal with a Dog

We take your dog to the airport and make sure everything is in order before departure.

We make sure that the travel crate is in proper order and give your dog a good walk before the flight. By doing so, your dog would be tired and subsequently handle the flight better.

By walking your dog before the flight we would be reducing stress and anxiety levels which in turn will help the dog cope better with the flight. This is especially important if you have a long flight or any unexpected delay. In addition we make sure that the dog does his needs and is “empty” before check in.

Flying into Portugal with a Dog

Let us know so we can be at the airport on your arrival.

As part of our Dog Taxi service we always walk incoming dogs before taking them to the owner’s residence. These dogs would have been for a long time in their crate and would need to move around, stretch, refresh and do their needs before the next part of the journey.

We make sure that every bit of the journey is as pleasurable as possible for the dogs.

Cats and Caged Pets Flying in or out of Portugal.

Book our Pet Taxi service for added convenience.

If you are flying out we will come in advance and take your pet to the airport and make sure that the travel crate is in perfect order with IATA regulations to be cleared for check in. Airlines can be quite picky about pet crates and associated accessories. We will make sure that everything is in order to avoid any unwanted last minute problems.

If you are flying into Portugal we will make sure to collect your pet from the airport and deliver to your residence.

Pet Relocation via Dog Taxi

The Pet Taxi service is ideal for those who wish to relocate but do not want to put their dog or cat on a flight.

There can be many reasons why pet owners would rather use a Dog Taxi as opposed to a flight. The most obvious reason is to avoid putting their pet through extra stress as a result of being closed alone in a crate for a long time. This is especially so for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and related conditions.

Our Dog Taxi service offers many advantages over pet air travel.

  • We plan trips with frequent stops. We break down a long trip into shorter milestones. This helps pets, especially dogs, handle the trip better.
  • Supervise pets all the time. Unlike airports and airlines, we do not have a lot of staff. The person assigned to transfer your dog will be responsible from start to finish. This same person will be the one to update you throughout the journey and eventually deliver your pet at the destination.
  • Offer an individualised service. Due to our way of doing things, we can offer an individualised approach to your relocation operation and make sure that all your requirements are checked.

Get in touch to learn more how we can help you easily relocate your pet.

Taxi Trips to the VET for Dogs & Cats

A considerable number of requests for our Dog Taxi include trips to the vet. We offer accompanied and unaccompanied VET trips based on your situation and requirements.

Accompanied Veterinary Trips

We pick you up and go with you & your pet to the VET.

Many dog owners would either not have a car or else need some assistance at the vet. This is especially so for senior people who may need a hand to make it to the vet and back.

Some other dog owners would have big strong dogs and subsequently would need help managing their dog while at the vet. If this is the case, let us know your situation and we will help you out.

Unaccompanied Veterinary Trips

We take your pet to the vet for vaccines and routine checks.

Busy people who lead hectic lives find this service to be very convenient. As part of our unaccompanied veterinary trips we:

  • Keep track of your pet’s vaccine records and checkups.
  • Organise appointments with your VET to renew vaccines and schedule periodical checkups.
  • Pick up your dog or cat and attend the VET appointment.
  • Deliver the pet back with all the relevant documentation and receipts from the VET.
  • We keep records and notify you in advance when the next vaccine or checkup is due.

Trips to the Groomer

An ideal solution for those who lead busy lives!

If you simply do not have the time to take your dog to the groomer, then we can step in to help. As part this service we:

  • Keep track of your pet’s grooming schedule.
  • Organise the required appointments at the grooming salon of your choice.
  • Pick up your dog or cat and attend the appointment.
  • Deliver back a clean and pampered pet with all the relevant receipts from the groomer.
  • We keep records and notify you when the next trip to the groomer is due.

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Dog Taxi Service Versatility

The Dog Taxi service is NOT limited to the above tasks only.

In this page we have described the main services that our Dog Taxi is regularly tasked with. However, if you require the Dog Taxi service for any other reason, please get in touch with us and explain your situation. We are versatile and will try our best to assist you to the best of our capabilities.
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