Dog Daycare

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Dog Daycare

A whole day of activity and long walks. Picture and video updates through our secure online portal. Free morning pick up & evening drop off.

Dog Daycare Service in the Algarve

At Pet Sitting Algarve we have organised a Dog Daycare service to help dog owners manage their dogs better. Many dog owners, particularly those who have highly energetic breeds, struggle to control their dogs. Some dogs even exhibit destructive behaviour and this makes owners reluctant to leave them home alone for extended periods. Such a situation is surely not what any dog owner would want.

In most cases, the problem would be lack of exercise and mental stimulation. There can be many reasons for this and the owner may not necessarily be at fault. However, in the long run this will build up and frustrate the dog. This frustration is what causes dogs to get out of control and even exhibit destructive behaviour. The dog is only trying to vent out his excess energy. Unfortunately he is not given a proper outlet to do so, hence the problems! Our Dog Daycare service has been designed in a way to act as a venting outlet for energetic dogs.

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Balanced Dogs through Dog Daycare

At our Dog Daycare centre we specifically cater for energetic dog breeds whose owners would need a hand with their dogs. A typical day involves various tasks and exercises. All the activities that take place will have a purpose. Some activities address the physical exercise requirement that dogs need. Other activities would be more of a mental challenge for the dogs. We try to address both aspects to help the dog reach a balanced state of mind and body.

We also involve periods of rest since exercise must be adequate and measured. Our Dog Daycare service is not a way for owners to get rid of their dogs for the day, but the whole idea is to help dogs get their much needed daily dose of exercise.

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Dog Daycare & Puppy Socialisation!

Our Dog Daycare service is open to dogs of all ages, especially puppies. In fact we also run a Puppy Socialisation Plan in parallel with our Daycare service. We firmly believe that dog socialisation from a young age can avoid a lot of behavioural problems. In fact we have a policy that puppies under 1 year are given free entry to our Daycare service.

Convenient & Safe Dog Daycare Service!

Free pick up & drop off

To make life easier for you, we include free pick up and drop off with our Dog Daycare service. In that way we can help busy dog owners who do not have time to come to our centre. All our services are designed in a way to help busy pet owners who already have enough things to do.

Picture & video updates

We strongly believe in proper feedback. To do so, we upload picture and video updates to our password protected Pet Updates Page. Pet owners can see what their dog has been up to during the day. Password protection is essential to protect your privacy. We give the password only to the owners whose dogs attend our Dog Daycare service.

Socialised dogs only!

Our Dog Daycare service is open to socialised dogs only.

We must take this approach to be able to provide the safest environment possible. In addition, dog owners put their mind at rest knowing that their dog is in a safe and monitored environment. We always conduct a preliminary meeting with prospective dogs in order to asses the level of sociability before proceeding with any service.

A tired & happy dog is a good dog

The idea behind our Dog Daycare service is to help dog owners have exercised, happy and well behaved dogs. A typical day at our centre involves numerous activities that stimulate and exercise the dogs. Through these activities we are able to tire the dogs and help them achieve a happier and balanced state of mind. This results in better behaved and quieter dogs when we deliver them back.

Excellent Reviews!

Our services are the most reliable, efficient and organised that you can find in the Algarve. We back this claim with excellent Facebook reviews from very happy pet owners!

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Every dog benefits from our Dog Daycare service.

We have designed our Dog Daycare service in a way that every dog can benefit from it. This is even more so for puppies. Puppies benefit so much that we combine our Socialisation Plan and Daycare service and allow free entry for puppies under 1 year. Contact us to learn more how your dog can benefit from our Dog Daycare service.

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Matthew and Lucky

Hi my name is Matthew!

I am the one responsible for the Dog Day Care Service at Pet Siting Algarve. My job is to exercise dogs and deliver them in the evening all happy and tired.

If you need a helping hand with your highly energetic dog, then just drop me a line. It would be my pleasure to meet up, discuss your situation and find a way to help both you and your dog.
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