Countryside Dog Walks & Trails in Loule

A handpicked selection of Dog Walks in Loule. Tried and tested dog walking trails in Loule. Definitely recommended. Explore the real Algarve with your dog!

Dog Walks in Loule
A selection of Dog Walks and Dog Friendly Hiking trails in Loule

Loule is a beautiful city in the centre of the Algarve. It is a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike. In this article we have organised a selection of Countryside Dog Walks & Trails in Loule for you to enjoy with your dog. We hope that you like these featured trails when hiking with your dog in Loule

Fonte da Benémola Difficulty 4/10

The Fonte da Benémola trail is located north of the city of Loule in the Freguesia of Querença and is one of our favourite dog walks in Loule area. We would describe this trail as moderately difficult with moderate elevation gains, very peaceful and definitely worth every effort! It is ideal for anyone who is looking for places to walk his / her dog in the region of Loule. View Fonte da Benémola Topological profile!

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The starting point is reachable by car. This hiking trail starts at dirt road at the Parque de Estacionamento Fonte Benémola and goes all the way to a small settlement Fica Bem. This circular trail is slightly less than 4.5km long and clearly marked throughout. It takes around 2 hours to complete the circular path. Enough time to drain the energy of most dogs! If you are too busy and do not have the time to walk your dog for that long you may want us to walk your dog for you.

This hiking trail passes mainly through woodland areas and hugs the banks of the river Mendola. The water in this river is not seasonal but present all year round even during the hottest months of the Algarvian summer. This makes the Fonte da Benémola trail one of our preferred dog walks in Loule as it offers shade as well as water.

However despite of this we do not recommend organising any dog walks here during the hottest months of summer. Ideally you visit this area during spring time. There are other better dog walking trails around Loule that are better suited for the summer season. Similarly, be careful if you visit this area during the winter season as at times the river can be a bit too rough and may be dangerous for dogs.

A hiking trail where you can see Turtles, Otters and a variety of birds!

The Mendola river is also home to turtles and otters which you may come across if you are lucky and quiet. You may want to keep an eye on your dog especially if he has a strong prey drive. You don’t want to disturb these animals or get you dog injured! Last but not least, the significant presence of birds that are drawn to this river makes this dog walk even more pleasant. Those who are into bird watching will definitely be in for a treat.

Rocha da Pena Difficulty 7/10

The Rocha da Pena hiking trail is located Between the north Algarvian villages of Salir & Benafim. It still lies within the municipality of Loule. This trail is of medium difficulty with some parts being more difficult than others. In our opinion this is one of the rather difficult dog walks that you could do in Loule. View Rocha da Pena Topological profile!

It is a circular loop almost 7 km long so definitely not a walk in the park. Those who opt for this trail should allocate from 3 to 4 hours to complete it comfortably. Rocha da Pena is a great walk to do during the cooler months of the year.

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This walk is suited best for those with highly energetic dogs that can withstand long walks and hikes.  Rocha da Pena is one of the longer dog walks in Loule. For those who wish to embark on easier dog walking trails in Loule area we suggest going to Fonte da Benemola.

One of the trickiest dog walks in Loule!

The starting point to this trail is not the easiest to get to. You will need to drive through a few secondary roads that may not be in the best of shapes. This is especially so during winter where rain may erode some parts of these roads. You may also want to check the way that your GPS plots before trying to get there. It is not the first time that GPS navigators play tricks, so check signs and markers as you drive in!! Once you manage to get to the Bar das Grutas then you can say that you have reached the start as this trail starts just beside it.

As you start you will immediately notice that this is not going to be easy! The steep start up the hill is followed by a rocky area through which you will need to be careful not to trip. Past this rocky part the trail gets narrower and the soil starts gradually changing to the typical Algarvian reddish clay soil. Consequently this makes it quite slippery especially if it had rained the day before. You should definitely be prepared with hiking gear and proper hiking boots.

North vs South faces & the top plateau!

The north face of the walk is shadier, colder and usually wetter than the south facing side of the mountain. The south face is dry & arid. You should start this hiking trail early in the morning to avoid the hot sun while on the south face. Your  dog will thank you if you avoid some sun! The walk reaches a plateau at the top which is rather arid, without much tress for shade and with no water puddles. This makes it even more important to plan early to avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Definitely take your leash!

Be careful with your dog at all times and make sure you have your leash with you. There will be quite a few times where you would want to keep your dog on the leash for safety purposes.

Take plenty of water & maybe a light snack!

Take plenty of water with you, maybe a bit more that you would take on any other dog walk. You may also want to take a light snack or some fruits with you for the journey. Once you reach the top (479m AMSL) you may want to stop a bit, enjoy the view and have a snack.

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